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Christian Country Music, Inc. Giving Back To Members!

Hi CCM Members!

We have been working hard to take this somewhat down time to create some new resources for you to all be able to use.  It’s heartbreaking to see so many artists and musicians shut down over this pandemic, as well as venues and other businesses in our industry.  We have certainly had the same issues.

Many of you have full time jobs and essential businesses that are still sustaining you.  Many do not.  So we have created a few ways that perhaps you can earn income through CCM, and in turn would help CCM continue to grow and put some of these new resources in place and continue to raise funds for the things already in established.

Please complete the form below so we will have your pay-to Paypal and Venmo addresses.

Sample post/email to friends and followers:

I am a member of Christian Country Music, Inc. and they have committed to donate back to me/my station/church/ministry/band $10 for every membership received while continuing to create new resources and programs for our industry.  Please consider joining now and be SURE to put my name in the place where it asks CCM Member Who Invited You.  Go to www.christiancountrynow.com and click on JOIN NOW. Thanks for your support!

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